About Us

Established in 2006, Farm Home Lending was formed to fulfill the need for financial services with large agricultural operations in mind.

We navigate the sometimes complicated processes of arranging financing to expand operations, purchase equipment, obtain lower interest rates or upgrade facilities of all sizes. Our role as a field servicer between finance institutions and you, the farm, ranch, or business owner is designed to provide a convenient solution to the procurement of financing options.

We offer services nationwide to seasoned owners and new owners of agricultural acreage as well as timberland/forestland.

Available in limited areas we have assistance with new construction, additions and remodeling of current operations and residential owners.

Additionally, Farm Home Lending is experienced in servicing a variety of options in the area of Commercial Lending in many fields including apartments, restaurants, resorts, grocery, powder coating companies and many others. For a consultation, send us an e-mail detailing your needs and we will be glad to offer solutions that can help your operation grow and thrive.

Meet our Team

Howard Wheeler

Howard Wheeler


Howard Wheeler has worked in the mortgage lending industry for more than nineteen years. His career in lending began as a Loan Officer. He also served as a Branch Manager and District Manager before opening Farm Home Lending. For the past three years, Howard has specialized in Agricultural, Timberland, and Commercial financing. Howard has had extensive training including courses focused on agricultural, and timberland lending. Howard is committed to meeting the needs of his clients and prides himself on exceeding expectations and always getting the job done. Howard is happy to answer your questions, or discuss scenarios for any loan program we offer.

Julie Marin

Julie Marin

Creative Director

Julie began her career in lending while living in Northern California. She began as a Mortgage Loan Processor focusing on residential construction and commercial finance in 1987 and continued in that area after moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1994. Julie brought with her an extensive knowledge of Mortgage Banking to many companies in the South Puget Sound area. While pursuing her professional endeavor in the mortgage lending industry she expanded her experience into property title research. Ultimately, Julie decided to work in the lending industry, focusing on agricultural and timberland properties, while maintaining experience in all aspects in residential lending.